#SQLPASS Day 5 — #PathOfSQL [Dr David DeWitt]

The last day of PASS stared with a song by Rob Farley [Twitter] [BLOG] and “the cloud” Buck Woody [Twitter] [BLOG] called I should have looked the other way [VIDEO].  It was funny and fitting for SQL people.  My daughter saw it and didn’t get it.  She is 12.  SHE WILL CHANGE.

After the song was the keynote by Dr. David DeWitt on BIG DATA and Hadoop.  I have to say I never liked lectures by professors in college but these lectures are COOL [FEZ COOL].  I learned more insights on how Hadoop functions and challenges in using that technology.  Let us see what Dr. DeWitt’s team comes up with.  NOTE:  I love the old glasses.

I was fortunate enough to go to Allan Hirt’s [Twitter] [BLOG] presentation on Windows Server Core.  What I learned?  COMMAND LINE IS ……. the future :).

I had a chance to go to a Microsoft luncheon for people involved in their TAP program.  It was fun to sit around and chit/chat with other people who have felt my pain.  Of course all that I talked about/ate is under NDA :).

The next class I attended was on SQL I/O put on by SQLCAT superstars Mike Ruthruff [Twitter], Jimmy May [Twitter] and Thomas Kejser [Twitter] [BLOG].  The class was similar to what I had seen before and had some good information.  I was able to speak to Thomas afterwards on a recent blog post he had resolving PageLatch contention.  I highly respect the SQLCAT guys.

The last class I attended was put on by Sean McCown [BLOG] and it dealt with backup speeds.  This was the first time I saw Sean present in person and apart from being asked at the last minute to do this he did a good job.

I leave SQL PASS a very happy person.  My journey for this year has ended.  I hope to come back next year for more learning/adventure/fun.


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