#SQLPASS Day 4 — #PathOfSQL [Bob Ward]

The second official day of PASS started with another keynote address this time by Quentin Clark.  Thankfully today’s presentation was about features in SQL Server and not more marketing loveliness.  Unfortunately many of the demo’s did not use ZoomIt and they were killed for it on Twitter.  Although we do not use Azure at our company I was curious about the changes they made for SQL Azure as it relates to larger database sizes [150GB], backups [FINALLY] and auto-sharding.

I did not attend many sessions on Thursday except to see my friend Andy Leonard [Twitter] [BLOG] present on SSIS Frameworks.  NOTE:  I am a DBA and I don’t do SSIS :).  But Andy did a wonderful job as always.

I met a few people of significance.  First was Jen and Sean McCown [Twitter] [BLOG] and I was only the 2nd person at PASS to greet them properly.  NOTE:  I can’t use such terms in BLOG posts :).  Then I met Bob Ward [Twitter] and Adam Saxton [Twitter].  I highly respect both of these individuals because of how much knowledge they have about SQL Server but how personable they were.  I got to ask more questions about tempdb from Bob and he was so gracious in taking time answering.

The rest of the day was mostly a blur because of the Microsoft party I went too at FOX Sports Grill.


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