Some people may know that on 06/10/2011 I came down with a horrible pain in my lower left abdominal area at work.  The pain was so severe that I had to come home and the next 2 days was the worst pain I had ever gone through.  On 06/13/2011 I went to see my doctor and was then rushed to the hospital because of Diverticulitis and being septic.  I spent the next 5 days being given all kind of antibiotics, 3 days of not eating or drinking, to recover from this.  Unfortunately Diverticulitis is not something you can get rid of easily.  I saw specialists and in the end it is something I will live with or if it gets worse I will have to have part of my large intestine removed.

I say this right now not because I enjoys sharing my personal medical issues with the world but rather that on Friday, after SQL PASS, the symptoms came back.  Thankfully I did not wait and saw a doctor on Saturday.  I am on antibiotics again.  My problem is that I don’t know when this will go away or if it ever will go away.

We shall see…..


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