#SQLPASS Day 3 — #PathOfSQL [SQL Server 2012]

The 3rd day of SQL PASS began today.  Keeping with my blogging theme for the week I refer to the next 3 days as Path Of SQL.

Official SQL Server Name:  Announced at today’s keynote address by Ted Kummert was a new name for SQL “Denali”.  I had been referring to the new version as SQL 11 to match the year it would be released and the internal version of SQL Server itself. But I guess the MS Marketing people, working for months on whatever they do, were able to only come up with the name SQL Server 2012.  This makes me feel that MS will choose to release SQL Server 2012 SP1 ships on 12/25/2012 right after the world ends.  I hope to join Buck Woody in the cloud before that happens.

Hadoop Support:  MS has, in my opinion, made a smart choice to embrace open-source applications such as Hadoop and integrate it better to work with SQL Server [2012, Azure, etc].  They know what has to happen to compete in the “cloud” universe.

“Data Explorer”:  Microsoft has a new project through which they will take your data [whatever that might be] and given you recommendations.  Unfortunately the presentation was so horrible that no one in the audience was at all excited.  NOTE TO MICROSOFT:  Know your target audience.  I don’t care about ice cream or yogurt or whatever you were attempting to sell to me.

Inside TempDB:  The one class I was looking forward to more than any other was Bob Ward [Twitter] class on TempDB.  I had attended his class 2 years ago on Wait Stats and came out saying “I don’t remember anything except IT WAS AWESOME.”  So I knew this class would be 3 hours of hot coals poured onto my head and I will say “Thank you Bob may I have more?”  The best part of his class was how much work he put in to make the slides interactive, funny and full of information.  It is the highlight of the day [perhaps the week].

This week I have met many people from the SQL Server community.  To name a few: Jason Strate [SQL MVP] and his lovely wife Sarah Strate,  Jes Borland, Andy Leonard [from FarmVille :)] and Jen Stirrup [Twitter] [BLOG] today.  These guys are very down to earth and personable.  I also had a lovely NDA lunch with MS representatives.  Of course to discuss the NDA I will have to cut my head off, replace it with a robot head, blow myself up then kill you.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


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