#SQLPASS Day 2 — #WordOfSQL [aka AlwaysOn]

Continuing with my Indiana Jones theme I had the pleasure of attending Allan Hirt’s [Twitter] [BLOG] class on AlwaysOn & Denali for SQLPASS Day 2 [aka Word Of SQL].  I have known Allan since last year when he was able to answer a very simple clustering question for me in about, hmmm, let’s say 2 seconds.  It almost felt like he knew what I was going to ask but let me ask it anyway.  Since that time I have had the pleasure of being part of an NDA TAP engagement where he is also involved and I consider him the foremost expert on clustering.

We have a pretty full room for the class and I was fortunate enough to be in the front row.  Okay so I ate breakfast quickly and got there about 40 minutes before the start of the class.  A great deal of the material that Allan covered in his class was a refresher since my company has 23 Windows 2008 or 2008 R2 FCI clusters around the globe, some with 11 nodes.  So many of the issues, pet peeves or general oddities of clustering I was aware of.  Given that I still found the class all that I wanted and more.  Some situations which I can’t test [FCI to FCI clusters, multi-subnet clusters, etc] but knew about become much clearer through Allan’s presentation.  It was kind of funny when Allan would look at me from time to time in a “is that correct?” moment.

Thank you Allan for your great class.  Tomorrow is the start of PASS and Path of SQL.


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