#SQLPASS Day 1 — #BreathOfSQL [aka SQLOS]

This was the first day of SQLPASS and I have decided to take a Indiana Jones theme to my posts.  My first post will be entitled Breath Of SQL.

I was fortunate enough to attend Maciej Pilecki’s [Twitter][BLOG] class on Secrets of the SQLOS.  Let me start out by saying that SQLOS is perhaps the least understood and the most fascinating part of SQL Server.  Building an O/S inside a database engine to perform the complex tasks it has to complete?  What isn’t cool about that?  The best part was that Maciej was teaching the class and he is an absolute fantastic presenter.

The class was divided into 5 parts:
1.  Introduction/Overview of SQLOS Architecture
2.  Process/Thread Scheduling & Execution
3.  SQL Server Memory Management
4.  Advanced Management & Troubleshooting
5.  Summary/Q&A

It did not help that I did not fall asleep until very late the night before so I was on fumes by the afternoon.  However the information which was shared across, especially regardingscheduling, execution and memory management kept me wide awake.  We had a very engaged audience with lots of people, including myself, asking thoughtful and relevant questions.

In my opinion they Maciej has hit a home run with this class.  He could do a 3 or 5 day class on the SQLOS and still have more to cover.

Tomorrow will be Allan Hirt’s [Twitter] [BLOG] AlwaysOn class or as I call it Word Of SQL class.  Shaping up to be a good week.


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